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GGA's IBIS Services

In the past, government agencies and large organizations had to go to several different databases and libraries of information to pull together the data they needed. With our exciting package of services called Integrated Building Information Services (IBIS), GGA has eliminated this need. Read More

GGA’s Sustainable Urban Design

Planning is the healthy design of our regions, cities and neighborhoods. In today’s world, planning and urban design are becoming increasingly important based on our limited resources and concerns for our health and quality of life. To be a productive society, we must live, work and play in quality environments. Read More

GGA’s LEED Platinum Office

GGA is a leader in sustainable design and, for more than 30 years, has incorporated sustainable concepts into its projects —yes, even before it was fashionable. Our office at the foot of the Potomac River in Georgetown has achieved LEED Platinum certification. Read More

GGA’s Building Repositioning Services

At the cornerstone of GGA’s architecture practice is building renovations, repositioning through renovations, modernizations and basic renewing of older assets. Our design solutions focus on an economical, practical approach through design excellence using creativity, innovation, building system integration and sustainability (LEED) to achieve superior results for our clients. Read More

Under Construction: Herbert C. Hoover Building Progress

The occupied renovation of the Herbert C. Hoover Building, housing the Department of Commerce, the White House Visitor Center and the National Aquarium, DC is currently the largest single building renovation project in the nation by GSA. Read More

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Group Goetz Architects

We believe architecture has a profound effect on the way we live, work, and feel. Our approach is based on using design as a tool to improve the quality of life; balancing human needs, business goals, social responsibility, and economics. GGA uses design to make our lives better and to deliver value to our clients – we enhance life through architecture.




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