AHSRA Membership

The American High Speed Rail Alliance (AHSRA) is dedicated to creating and sustaining a clean and energy efficient advanced national high speed rail system. Membership is open to any public or private company, organization, academic institution and individual interested in the development of a high speed rail system in the United States.
  • AHSRA is the voice for all high speed rail stakeholders; providing thought leadership
    to the entire industry
  • AHSRA is the leading advocate for laws and policies that create opportunities for the development of a national high speed rail network

Joining AHSRA is the perfect way to stay connected with the most recent high speed rail developments in the United States. The Alliance works on behalf of all its stakeholders to inform the public and policy leaders about the importance of high speed rail, unifies advocacy efforts for high speed rail initiatives, and promotes the development of industry-wide standards for the construction, maintenance, and operations of an advanced high speed rail network.

In addition, through activities and events arranged by AHSRA, members will get to know, interact and work together with other members and advocates around the nation.

Benefits include:

  • Support through local groups and chapter leadership
  • Thought Leadership to help influence decision-makers
  • Affiliation with AHSRA’s partner organizations
  • Advocacy through assistance and information sharing
  • Information communicated via numerous channels
  • Resources through our HSR news library
  • Research Updates covering the latest developments in the field
  • OnBoard AHSRA’s monthly newsletter
  • News Alerts about legislative updates on high speed rail
  • Comprehensive Web site featuring exclusive member-only area
  • Discounts on AHSRA conferences and events

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