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The American High Speed Rail Alliance website is a platform for thought leadership. The different sections of our site are meant to promote and discuss ideas that are relevant to the high speed rail industry. AHSRA encourages participation from high speed rail experts, stakeholders and advocates, including – but not limited to – government officials, manufacturers, utilities –, technology – and infrastructure providers, energy exploration companies, universities, policy practitioners, investors and/or other rail related businesses and individuals. We invite submission for white papers, case studies, presentations and other industry significant materials.

Through our thought leadership platform, the Alliance hopes to drive consistent communications of original, forward-thinking perspectives on the seminal industry challenges surrounding high speed rail development including financing, workforce and energy choices that have to be considered when planning for the design, construction, and operation of a national high speed rail network.

Bringing different stakeholders into the high speed rail discussion is critical to meaningful inter-disciplinary thought leadership. There is tremendous opportunity for initiatives, assessments and research in defining the future of American high speed rail.

Acceptance Criteria
Acceptance decisions will be made based on the following criteria:

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